Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22, 2010

Querida Mama --

I was able to download and watch the video of Alexis :) That just made my day - Elder Tonumaipe'a got a kick out of it too. I'm still waiting for that tape to get here of her saying my name! She has grown a lot - I couldn't believe it. Last time I saw her she could barely talk and now she's screaming OKAAYYY at the top of her lungs haha. It would probably be a good idea to teach her the word ''movie'' at some point, right?

I finished doing all the paper work to get my Chilean ID card today, so on March 4th I'll go pick it up and I'll be an oficial Chilegringo! Pretty cool, huh? Some people in the international office here in Temuco messed up Elder Tonumaipe'a's stuff so he's having a little difficulty getting everything done. He got pretty angry today, but he's going into the office again tomorrow with Elder Moreno to get it all sorted out. From what I've seen it doesn't seem like the Chilean government is very well organized. But then again I haven't seen a lot of it, so I could be wrong haha. Oh well.

Hmm, some updates or things that happened this week:

1. This morning while I was reading scriptures and stuff, Elder Moreno ran into the room and told me to grab my camera and come into the other room. So I did that, and when I got in the other room there was a huge Weta there! For those who like LOTR, the Weta is the mascot of the digital design company that did all the special effects for the movies. I took some pictures, so I'll attach those in a minute.

2. We found a family of 8 this last week, and the 3 youngest kids are triplets! And they all turned 8 today! We've been sharing with them for a little while and they say that they feel that what we're saying is true, so they'll be coming to church with us and I'm sure they'll be getting baptized in the near future :)

3. One day this week Elder Tonumaipe'a and I were walking over some construction boards, when suddenly one of the boards I stepped on lifted up behind me, and Elder Tonumaipe'a tripped over it and almost fell flat on his face. It was sooooo funny - we both got a good laugh out of it. It wouldn't have been so funny if he had fallen would have been HILARIOUS! Haha, just kidding. But seriously. But just kidding....seriously...banana.

Well, I think that's about it for this week. It's always really good to hear from the family! I love you all and I always keep you all in my prayers! Stay strong, stay close to the Lord, and don't play with fire. Love you!


PS. I almost forgot - the parents of a family here want me to ask you how long I breast fed...HAHA! And at what age I walked, what time I was born, and how much I weighed. Next they'll want my passport number...silly Chileans. Ok, I'm going now. Love you!

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