Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 27, 2009


I loooove getting e-mails every week, I'll just start out by saying that. And I had a smile from ear to ear when I saw that you have sent a package for me - everyone here has been asking me when my parents are going to send me peanut better because they all want to try it haha. So I guess it's a good thing you sent a lot because I'll probably end up sharing some of it. I'll have to make sure I don't bring the whole container everywhere because I don't want people seeing how much I have. Everyone calls me ''qüico'' (rich) here anyway because of the stuff I already have. Especially my ties, everyone loves my ties. They're just joking around though, we have a good time.

I'll say that was a pretty short calling! Wow. I really miss the strength of the church in the states. The organization, the number of people with callings, the number of people who actually GO to church every sunday. I think that's the thing I miss the most church-wise. On average we have about 40-50 people in church every week in Cabrero. But I love it - some of my best friends in the world are here.

That's interesting about the hard-water situation. I'll bet that's a relief to know that the dishwasher hasn't gone bad yet, though. But that's getting better, so haleluia. And on goes the work with the sewing room! I'll be excited to see how things have changed when I get back. You should be happy to know that all the things you have taught me have been sticking out here - I hate it when there's a mess in our house, and I feel bad when things are out of order. I don't think Elder Kester felt the same way(I have a picture of our study space to show you that I'll send later today hehe), but I've been working to keep our house in order. The little time that we spend there, anyway.

Mammmma, don't be too upset about the breakfast thing. I've fixed it ;-). This past week we've been having some bread and jam with some ecco (mixed with milk) in the mornings. So don't worry, I plan to make time for breakfast from now on. And then the members stuff us like turkeys for lunch. There's a few negocios right by our house, so we're not going hungry. This morning I had some kiwi, pan, and an omelette (courtesy of Elder Tarrazas). I'm in Los Angeles for today and tomorrow because Elder Kester was called to be a zone leader in Talcahuano, so he had to leave and I'm Elder Kamalu's companion for a few days. My new companion is called Elder Hudson (I think), and he'll be getting here tomorrow. Cabrero will be his last sector, so I'll probably be staying there for two more cambios (at least). Which means I'll be in Cabrero until January, most likely. We've been having a great time here in Los Angeles - last night we went and visited some of their investigators and then went back to the house for a few card games and then went to bed. And then today for our p-day we went to the centro to buy some things. A joven here called Jonathan went with us, he's preparing to serve a mission here pretty soon. We ate lunch at this little place that serves two-foot-long completos! I took some pictures that I'll send today. It was DELICIOUS. And then we went to a music store - I tried a sax but it was (to put it lightly) a hunk of junk that was imitating a saxophone. I could hardly get a sound out of it. But they had guitars as well, and Jonathan is a very good player so we passed it well.

The church is ready to explode in Cabrero. In September we had 7 bapstisms, and then in October we were just working really hard to find people, and for November (if all goes well) we should have between 10 and 15 bapstisms! Working hard every day, all day. And I'm loving every bit of it. It's starting to get pretty hot here, so I'm glad I've got this hour to be out of the sun haha. But yeah, everything is going great - there are rough days from time to time, but generally I'm having the time of my life. Something that makes me really happy, now, is that I'm understanding pretty much everything. There are some people that are difficult to understand just because of the way they talk, but generally I understand everyone. So on it goes :)

Well, I'm going to go respond to a few other e-mails from some family members and get those pictures sent. It was great to hear about things back home and that things are going well! I'll keep you all in my prayers! I love you all very much!


Monday, October 19, 2009

October 19, 2009


Well that was quite the letter for this week! Makes me smile hehe.

I'm glad to hear that things are going well and that you all are keeping busy. As I was reading your letter about how you're getting all these work opportunities both inside and outside the music industry I couldn't help but think that the Lord is putting his hand in and helping you stay at home more often. You know, with the home-run business (and a family business at that), the steady job that would allow you to have less personal-studio hours, etc. To me that just says blessings from the Lord to be close to your family as well as have further experience with what you love doing. So I'm happy to hear about all that!

Don't worry too much about sending snail mail - yeah, it would be nice, but I really really look forward to these e-mails every Monday and I only get snail mail once a month. I think I mentioned this in one of my e-mails, but all the mail goes to the mission office in Concepcion, and then they give they give it to us once a month when we have interviews with the president or when we have conferences. So we don't get mail delivered directly to the house - we don't even have a mailbox haha. Come to think of it, I don't think I've seen a single mail box my whole time here. Interesting.

Glad to hear the house is coming along well, can't wait to see it! I wish I could be there to help you out with all those things, but for now my work is here. I'd love to help you out with whatever needs to be done when I get back, though.

It's was weird to read that you're just about done with your fall break because all the kids here are getting close to the finish of their school year - it's almost summer! The weather is warming up rapidly, which is great. Most days we go out in short sleeved shirts. Elder Kester has been sick the past few days, though, so he's not too fond of the sun at the moment.

What would I like for Christmas...hmmm. I was thinking the other day I'd love this year's game-day shirt from USU, and maybe a USU hoody? (large) Really anything you want to send - maybe a shirt that you all made together or something with messages on it. Like what you did with the piillow-case. I've always been terrible about telling people what I want because the truth is I'm always happy with what I get. My favorite goodies though, are Reeses. Anything with chocolate andn peanut butter, really. I still haven't found peanut butter because it really doesn't exist. One of the members told me there is a place in Concepcion that I can ask for them to order it, but I'm NEVER in Concepcion, so I don't think that's gonna work out.

Updates and fun stuff-
1. The other day Elder Kester and I were walking down the street and there was a hop skotch drawing and...well...we both played hop skotch haha. I'll bet it was pretty funny to see two missionaries hopping.

2. The cigarette packs here have a design that I think should be implimented in the US. The majority of the package has the warning label saying that smoking will kill you, and then a tiny part of it has the insignia of the company. And on the back there's an old man and it says you could be next. Haha, pretty sweet huh? Never thought I'd say that about a pack of cigarettes, but I think it's a good idea. I took some pictures so I'll try to attach them.

3. So this morning I went to open the fridge to see if we had anything to cook up for breakfast (keep in mind we don't usually eat breakfast), and when I opened the door I yelled to Elder Kester, ''We've only got some jelly and stick!'' We were laughing so hard for a good while after that. We have some raspberry jelly and the stick is this food called Nalca. It's basically a branch or reed of some sort that people peel and eat like a banana. It kind of tastes like an apple. We went to the store called ''Bigger'' (it's basically the Wal Mart of Chile - and it has the stupidest name ever haha) and bought some bread and crackers.

4. The other day we watched the Restoration video with two of our investigators, Irasmo and his wife Karina - that movie brings the spirit every time. I love watching it, and it's even better with newer investigators because you get to see their reactions. They both loved it and went to church the next day. So things are moving right along as far as the work goes. We've got two baptismal dates set up and we've got a couple more that could be solidifying in the next week or two. This coming week is the last week of the transfer, so I'll probably be getting a new companion here in Cabrero.

5. When you were telling me about Kelton's gaming with his friends, I thought about the gaming situation here. Nobody has any sort of gaming system in their house. Some have computers, but not too many. Well, here in Cabrero, at least. But there are some game systems and stuff in some of the internet cafes, like this one. I'm sitting right next to a playstation 2 where this little kid is screaming at his digital soccer player haha. Good times. Just thought I'd share that fun bit of info.

Well, I'm going to try to get some pictures on here so I can send them to you (*They're already posted here, in case you couldn't tell). I'm very glad to hear that Grandma has improved a lot and is getting back into the somewhat normal swing of life. Send my love to her and everyone else. I look forward to the weekly messages! I hope all is going well, I love you all and keep you in my prayers daily! Sorry if my letters sound a little scatter-brained at times!


Monday, October 12, 2009

October 12, 2009

Howdy, howdy, howdy to you!

I'll just start by giving you the mailing address for the mission:

Elder Trevor Vincent
Misión Chile Concepción Sur
O'Higgins 940 Of. 503
Casilla 3560, Concepción, Chile

I'm not sure if the address for packages is different, but I imagine it would be the same. It would be a good idea to find that package (Dad might know where it is) because it also has the information for when I need to sign up for school again. But there's that address for you! :)

I'll bet you're very excited to get things going on the house. Don't worry about feeling 'spoiled', count your blessings that you live in an area of the world where you are able to enjoy such things. But I think it would be great to get involved in some humanitary activity - experiences like that could do everyone a bit of good, I think.

Thanks for getting up early to send the letter! Elder Kester and I actually got on the computers a bit early this morning (8:30) because we had a zone activity in Los Angeles at 11. But when I saw that I hadn't recieved an e-mail from you yet I decided I would only use half my time this morning so I could respond later. So here's a few updates and things I thought you'd appreciate:
1. I remember you mentioning something about Sara talking about animals in her letters home. I really only have one animal to talk about: dogs! THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. There's no such thing as a dog catcher here, and everyone has guard dogs (every house has a fence around it, I'll send pictures sometime) and those dogs just love to make more little dogs. There's dog poop everywhere, and you can't walk down a street without getting barked at. Sometimes I just want to punch the dogs right in the face to get them to shut up haha. So yeah, that's just about it for animals. Oh, and there's lots of cows.
2. The other day one of our investigators called us in the morning and asked us if we could go over and help her paint her house - which we did. It turned out to be a bigger job than we had anticipated, so we spent about 4 or 5 hours cleaning the front of the house and painting it. I didn't like the color she chose (orange), but we got it done nonetheless. And she went to church on Sunday! And she wants to bring her kids next week! So that family is moving right along :)
3. My ears hurt very much during sacrament meetings on Sunday because, well....nobody can sing. And nobody knows any of the hymn save one or two. Soooo...yeah...painful.
4. The people - generally VERY nice. You could be arguing with someone and they'd still offer you a drink or a piece of bread or something. And then there are the people who aren't so nice. The other day we tried to talk to this lady in the street and she wouldn't even shake our hands - she just shook her head and said no (to which Elder Kester said, '¡Super amable usted!'). And then the other day a car drove by and this guy leaned out the window, yelled something profain and showed us his beautiful birdy. Haha, great stuff. No matter, we're working hard, and we're loving it. There's this lady that likes to give us free frozen juice and milk, and she's not a member! We'll have to work on that :)
5. Since we're in a smaller branch, sometimes there are sundays when either there is nobody that is ready to give a talk or teach a lesson, so guess who the branch president thinks is always ready?....the missionaries! Yaaaayyy...? Haha yes, we have given many a lesson or talk with about 5 minutes heads up. Good stuff.

Well, that's about all I've got for this week. I don't think I'll have time to send pictures this week, but if I have enough time I'll do so. It was great to hear from you! I've got an e-mail from dad I've got to check as well, so I'm going to go do that.

It's always great to hear the updates on the family! I'll look forward to hearing from you next week! Love you!

- Trevor

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October 5, 2009


Wasn't conference amazing?! When President Monson announced the temple to be constructed in Chile, Elder Kester and I jumped for joy and started laughing almost - it's very exciting. It was kind of funny, though, because it seemed like we were more excited than the members! Then again, there were only about 3 members at that session. And then there were the same people at the second session...5ish at the preisthood...25ish at the first session on Sunday, and then back to about 4 (excluding Elder Kester and I) at the second session. That was a new experience for me - nobody watches conference! In Cabrero, at least. At least we didn't have to deal with the huge traffic jam of people leaving before the meeting is over hehe. Dad should appreciate that one. Oh man, I loved conference so much this year. Especially the talk Elder Holland gave about the Book of Mormon. I'm definitely going to be watching that one again later when I get a moment. I probably won't be here when the temple in Concepción is finished (or maybe even started), but I'll be able to say that I took part in preparing this part of the world to recieve a temple at least. I'll definitely have to come back here and visit sometime after my mission.

I'm soooo glad to hear that Grandma is doing better! She must have felt pretty left out with that meat business - but now she can have Grandpa to do everything for her, which is great. I've never really tasted his cooking, but you're never too old to learn something new, right?

I do feel pretty lucky that I got to skip winter this year, but keep in mind that when I come back I'll be getting a double-dose and then you can laugh at me then hehe. It's still been pretty chilly, and it rained cats and dogs yesterday (I don't have my rain gear except my umbrella and my coat, yet, so needless to say my pants, socks, and shoes were soaked). It has been warming up, though. The other day I went proselyting in short sleeves with no jacket. The members around here say it gets really hot during the summer, which I'm actually looking forward to - they can't believe that I prefer hot over cold. The country-side is absolutely gorgeous here! This morning Elder Kester and I took a bus to Concepción to run some errands (we're still in Conce) and I got to spend an hour looking out the window avoiding watching the movie Speed on the bus TV. Farewell Babylon! hehe.

I'm glad to hear that the Lord has been blessing you in regards to finding more work - make sure you take every opportunity you can becuase you never know when the next one will come. But I'm sure you already know all the ins and outs of the music business. You're very fortunate to have that other teacher who is willing to sub for you, count your many blessings! Also, stay optimistic about the arthritis - atitude is half the battle. I'm sure that older lady that still practices to this day is where she's at now because she kept the right atitude about it. I'll pray for your fingas Mamacita (and your hip)! Shoot, I'll just pray for you, sound good? I thought so.

I don't know how long a package takes to get here, but I would imagine a month at least. I sent some letters at the post office the other day and they said it can take anywhere from 8 days to 3 weeks to get a letter from here to the destination in the States. Once again, I'm a stinker and forgot to write down the address and bring it with me, so I'll be sure to have that for next week. But igual, I believe the addresses are in that packet I left with you and it should also have the phone number of the mission office, so you can call and get all the info you need. I really wouldn't know what to tell you concerning that because I've never recieved or sent anything.

Dun dun dun! Meeting with the stake president eh? I wonder what that's all about. Take the advice given by one of the speakers in conference yesterday (I'm blanking on the name) - When a call comes, you accept it! If you do end up getting a call, I know we'll all recieve blessings as a family for it. Maybe he just wants to chat and have a cup of hot chocolate? Couldn't hurt to hope, right? I agree, Dad is a great gospel doctrine teacher. I really wish I had spent more time studying scriptures with you all, I love studying the scriptures now. If only I had found this out sooner!

Good to hear that Cami is staying busy, tell her that I said to keep on keepin' on! Oh, and as for the questions she sent me in a letter - 1. No, Sprint does not keep a copy of all your text messages that they will give to you. 2. Yes, it costs money to use facebook and internet, so I would suggest not using it. 3. The contract on the phone should run out July of next year, but you can ask the people at the Sprint store for a solid date.

Who is the nurse at the Doctor's office that knows me? I don't know if I'm aware of anyone I know working there...interesting.

That's exciting about the new roof! You'll have to send me pictures of the house when it's all done, and pictures of the family so I can show people around here. They're all really interested in seeing pictures of where I'm from. I've showed many people the pictures you sent of Alexis and the fam and they all adore them.

As far as I go - I'm doing very well. Elder Kester and I have a great time every day. Recently we've been doing divisions with members of the ward and other missionaries in the surrounding sectors, which has really pushed me to be able to swim on my own when it comes to speaking the language and, really, just being a missionary. It's such a great experience - I'm learning how to talk to EVERYBODY, which I think will benefit me later because there is now way I'm going to be leaving Chile as a shy person. Just not going to happen haha. There are still times when I don't understand a word someone says (usually the teens that mumble, or the older people who have no teeth), but generally I'm improving a lot. The other night we passed by a contact's house and we left with 2 baptism dates! So many things are possible if we just thrust in our sickle with all our heart, might, mind and strength. I think the only way I could be happier is if I had some snacks every night hehe. There are little shops called Negocios where I can buy stuff like that, but it would be good to get some American goodies from time to time 'wink wink' haha.

Well, I've gotta write a letter to the President before my time runs out. I love you all and look forward to hearing about how things are going back home! Stay strong, work hard, pray always, study the scriptures daily, and eat lots of peanut butter for me!

With all the love in the world,