Saturday, April 23, 2011

April 23, 2011

Note from Trevor's mom: Trevor and I have been, as he says, back and forth all week getting him registered for USU in the fall. His itinerary actually arrived in my email the other day, too -- time is getting short! So I didn't get an actual letter written to him this time, but he still wrote us a nice letter.

Well, we've been back and forth all week, so this week's letter may not be so special, haha. But I guess I could tell you about some things that went on during the week.

First things first, the cambios...dun dun dun! President Swenson decided to keep Elder Rubilar and I together again here in the office so I won't be going anywhere for another six weeks. I'll definitely be leaving the office for my last cambio, though, so that'll be good. This week we've pretty much just been working on cambios for the mission. The last two weeks have been draining - interviews and lots of intercambios with the missionaries of the mission, the volcano llaima trip, so it was nice to get back to our own sector. Also, it was nice to get back to my own bed :) There's something we tend to take for granted.

The other day we had a pretty insane wind/rain storm. It just so happened that Elder Rubilar and I also had an appointment out in Lenga (a tiny little coastal village about 15 minutes outside of Hualpén), so I got to see raging ocean for the first time in my life (in person, anyway). The wind was so strong that I could feel it pushing the car off-course. The sand from the beach was also pelting pretty hard against the car. Well, we got to the house and found that the family wasn't home, so we decided to go out onto the peninsula because there was a house up on the hill we hadn't contacted yet. We drove up the hill until we got to a closed gate and then forced the car doors open against the wind so we could walk up to the house. I'm fairly sure that it's a summer home because there was no sign of life when we did get to the house. So we walked back down to the car, backed down the hill (the road was a thin Agner's-Mill-Road-esque thing with ruts in it) and started heading back towards Hualpén. Just before leaving Lenga we noticed a number of houses on the edge of town that we hadn't contacted either, so we decided to pull over and do it. Elder Rubilar needed to get his rain jacket...which happened to be in the back of the truck - meaning that we would have to get out, run to the back and open it up to be able to reach it. So we parked with the back of the truck facing away from the wind so as not not get the back of the truck filled with water. I pushed the door open against the wind and rand behind the truck to shelter myself from fierce wind and pelting rain. Elder Rubilar, on the other hand, jumped out with his umbrella. Instantly the wind pulled him out of the car and all I heard was a yelp and then a few seconds later he appeared behind the truck with a massacred umbrella. I got a good laugh out of that. We got his jacket out and then we went to knock a house - the lady inside opened up the curtains and looked out at us...and did absolutely nothing else, hahaha. She refused to let us in, so we just ran back to the truck, now soaked, and drove back to Hualpén. It was like being in another Hurricane!

Elder Rubilar and I had a fun lesson this week that taught us a lot of patience. We're teaching an older lady that is a little bit slow, and just when it seemed like she was understanding we asked her questions to make sure and she either went blank and said I don't know or gave an answer that has nothing to do with anything, haha. My feeling is that she hears us, but doesn't listen to us. Two different things. Anyway, so we were very patient with her during the lesson, and when we got out to the car Elder Rubilar said, ''Wait a minute.'' He bowed his head and started to breath deeply (I thought he was going to pray or something). And then out of nowhere he flipped out and let out a good yell (the car did shake from side to side, hehe). We were afraid that she might have heard us, so when we got home Elder Rubilar stood about the distance from the car that the house was and I let a good yell out and shook the car a little bit. Couldn't hear a thing, so we're good :) We love the lady, she's very nice and very humble. I'm glad I have had so many opportunities to learn patience.

We are teaching a really good person in Lenga called Marilín. At the end of our first appointment we asked her to give a prayer, which she did. By the end of that prayer she was crying and she told us that she knew she had to come to church. Yesterday we invited her to be baptized and she said she would be baptized when she knew that the Book of Mormon is true and that the Church was restored. She also introduced us to her boyfriend last night and he was a REALLY nice guy. They'll be coming to church this Sunday, so we're excited for that.

Well, I think that's about all I've got for this week. Today I'll be going down to Curanilahue for a baptism of someone I taught while I was there. It's nice to see everyone down there again. I don't have any really cool pictures for right now, but I'll be sure to get some over the weekend and next week to send to you.

I hope you're all doing well. I'll look forward to hearing from you!


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