Monday, December 7, 2009

December 7, 2009

Yay, a letter! What a crazy day - it was Elder Hodson's last day here in Chile so we went to Concepción for his last interview with President Swenson, and then we went to Coronel (one of Hodson's old sectors) to visit some of his converts, and we just barely got back to Cabrero. It's nearly 10 so I'll have to hurry and write this so we can get back to the house. My new companion's name is Elder Rodriguez from La Florida, Chile. He'll be my first latino companion, and as far as I know he doesn't speak any english. Should be fun! I'm not worried about it, I speak spanish well enough now.

As for the Christmas packages - we're having a conference this month at which I will get any mail that has arrived. If they haven't arrived by then I'll just have to get it next time we have interviews. Who knows, I might get them at a zone conference we have this week. But I don't think there will be any problems. Did you get the package I sent?

It's really weird to think about all the Christmas stuff and breaks and all that fun stuff while it's hot and sunny here every day. Some people here have put up their Christmas trees and's too hot for Christmas. Maybe next year...haha.

Now for the list of things:

1. We found the Chilean Johnny Depp! He's a 19-year-old named Pablo and is an amazing guitar player. He accepted the baptismal invitation on our first visit, so we're really excited to continue visiting with him.

2. We had a family home evening with the two chinese guys this last week - it was really interesting because they don't speak spanish and their english is rocky, so there was a lot of translating going on on my part. We watched the restoration in Mandarin which was really interesting...hehe.

3. One of our investigators, Maria Cuevas, said that she saw us and the Book of Mormon in a dream! How crazy is that? She'll most likely be getting baptized this month. It's just a little more difficult with her because she's half death (we have to shout the lessons, hehe, GREAT for feeling the spirit) and she lives in Monte Aguila just outside of Cabrero. But she's great, I love her to death. The last time we visited her she was feeling really sick and was shaking, and asked us for a blessing, so we gave her one and yet another miracle - she was instantly better. The power of the priesthood is such an amazing thing, it truly works by faith.

4. One of our investigators, Erasmo Aravena, fasted with us and paid fast offerings! He's an amazing guy. Also, he and his future wife (they haven't gotten married yet, but they have 2 adorable kids) Karina want to get married in the temple. Golden! He wants to visit me after my mission (he's an english professor), so that'll be cool if he ends up being able to do it.

Well, I had better go - it's getting pretty late. Thank you for writing! I love and miss you very much! Tell everyone I say hi and that I love them!


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