Monday, November 30, 2009

November 30, 2009

Howdy, howdy, howdy!

No e-mails from anyone this week, eh? Oh well, I guess I can do without for this week :-p

(Note from Mom: I was madly typing a letter to him while he was writing this one, and he went back later, having forgotten something, and found mine. So he didn't go away thinking I didn't write!)

Things have been going really well this last week. We had a few rough weeks this cambio when the people we were teaching stopped wanting to hear from us, but we've found some really good new people and they're starting to progress. The dad of one of the families we're sharing with is an english professor, so we've actually taught a few lessons in english haha. He, Irasmo, doesn't like to speak spanish when we're there because he really likes practicing his english (sometimes his wife, Karina, makes him speak in spanish so that she'll understand). Irasmo went with us to Los Angeles for a stake conference yesterday (Karinia couldn't because one of their kids is sick and she had to stay home with her), and he really liked it. Last week he even asked us for a Book of Mormon in English! He and Karina are reading it and they both really like that, so of course we're very happy for them. They're not married yet, but I think they have plans to do so and then they'll be able to get baptized. Hopefully they can do that before I leave Cabrero! Haha.

I've let some people here try the Reeses and the peanut butter, and they all LOVE it. Yesterday while we were eating lunch at Freddy's house I introduced them to peanut-butter flavored ice-cream - we mixed it in with some that they had - and they went crazy over it haha. Carmen Gloria told me to have you send more Reeses, haha, she's got a very sweet tooth and she fell in love with Reeses instantly.

Stake conference, wow. It's been a long time since I've seen that many members in one place - there must have been about 300. Maybe a little less. To you folk up there in gringolandia that may seem pretty average, but when you look at the attendance here in Cabrero for the last 5 weeks - 23 (it rained), 46, 50, 43, 27 (people didn't have the money to go to Los Angeles for the conference) - that's a mountain of people. I think I've said it before, but that's what I miss about Utah, the strength of the members. There are some really strong wards here as well though. The other week we had a multi-zone conference in a HUGE chapel in Talcahuano. It was probably about double the size of the chapel back home. So that was a pretty fun experience. There were about 80 missionaries there as well, which is about more than half of the mission.

It's crazy how fast this cambio has gone by - Elder Hodson will be heading home next week and I'll be staying in Cabrero with a new companion (don't know who it is yet). I'll be officially done with my training at the end of this cambio, though, so people won't be able to call me a 'greeny' hehe. I actually haven't heard that word here, though, now that I think of it. But I won't be one of the newbies. This next cambio there will be 20 new missionaries, and then 20 more the following cambio, and then 20 MORE the following cambio. So the number of missionaries here is going to explode in the next couple months. I wonder why they're sending so many...probably because it's the coolest mission in the world, right? Yeah, that's what I was thinking too...hehe.

How did Thanksgiving go with the family? Did you eat some food for me? I completely forgot about it, haha. It was just another day for me down here. I wonder what I'll be doing for Christmas. I have heard from other Elders that for Christmas Eve the Elders are allowed to celebrate with the people until midnight - in Chile they do all the stuff we do on Christmas the night before. There are some American kids who would really like it down here because of that, I'm sure! So that'll be another new experience. I much prefer our own family traditions, though :) Maybe I'll wake up early and do that to my companion. Could be fun.

Well, I feel like I'm just rambling on about nothing for this week, so I'm gonna go ahead and get some pictures sent. I didn't really take that many this week, so I'll probably send some older ones. I love you all very much and look forward to hearing how your holiday season is going!


PS. Enjoy that cold weather up there! :-p

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