Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19, 2010

Hola, como estar?

¡Que bueno que ha llegado la primavera! Acá recien estamos empezando invierno. Bueno, todavía estamos en otoño, pero pronto entraremos en el invierno. No nevará, pero lloverá muchísimo. ¡Parece que nos vamos a mojar! Jaja. Pero bueno, así es la vida, no hay que quejarse. ¿Todavía no ha mandado la caja, eh? Está bien, creo que dinero en el banco para mi cumpleaños será suficiente. Estoy pensando en comprarme una guitarra. No sé aun, pero es una posibilidad.

Glad to hear everyone is doing well - that Kelton has cut his hair, Ian's school year is winding down, that Justin and Mandi are enjoying their vacation with Jasmine and Joel, that Cami is about to graduate (congrats Cami!) and that you and dad are keeping busy with work and thoughts of killing deer :). I actually enjoy some deer meat every once in awhile, so if you do end up adding that to the regular diet, stock some up in the freezer for me. That's neat that Cami will be going to UVU - I think she'll really enjoy it there. She also would have enjoyed USU a lot, but I guess the money factor does play a part. I'm still not exactly sure what I'll be doing as far as school when I get back. I'm not sure if I'll be going back to USU (I still have the scholarships and honors program waiting for me there, so that's a definite possibility), if I'll continue studying music, if I'll be changing universities...BLAH! Too much to think about right now...stinking life decisions haha. One thing I'm sure of - I will continue studying and law school is still my goal. So I'll have to figure out what will help me get there the best.

Fernanda Millahual, Elder Bernal, and Me

So this was my first week as a trainer (or a dad in other words haha) and a district leader and it was really good. We found some really good people who are excited to share with us. My son's name is Elder Hall - he's from Fort Morgan, Colorado and is probably about 3 or 4 inches taller than I am. Crazy, right? If these Chileans thought I was tall, they can just think again because Elder Hall makes me feel average. Elder Grillone and I played a joke on our sons this week, hehe. One of the mornings when we were all studying, the man that sells milk and eggs came through our street yelling, and of course the new guys didn't understand what he was saying, so we told them that it was the international police doing a passport-visa check or something like that. Of course the greenies don't have their passports or anything, because that's all in the mission office, so we had them hide out back of the house. We went upstairs and opened the window very slowly and then stuck our cameras out (taking a video) to catch them just standing there hahaha. It's sooooo funny - when I send the next package home I'll be sending some cds with all my pictures and videos on them. Anyway, so we went downstairs, out the front door, opened the sliding gate, and then out of nowhere a car actually pulled up by our neighbor's house - TOO perfect! Elder Grillone started to pretend like he was talking to someone, and then he was like, ''Crap, run!'' He then ran behind the house and told Elder Hall and Elder Garcia to hop the fence and run, but I came around the corner with the camera and they they realized it was a prank. They told us we were horrible, but now we all laugh about it. It reminds me of the kinds of stuff Elder Kester did to me my first 6 weeks here in Chile. Good times, good times. But yeah, Elder Hall is a great elder - he's got a lot of desires to learn and work and will progress really fast. He's obedient and has got his head on straight, so we'll be having a good cambio here this 6 weeks.

First meeting as District Leader

I do remember the trip out to Wyoming! It's kind of wierd to think about that being over a year But I guess it has been that long, hasn't it? Congrats to them, sounds like they're doing great.

As I mentioned before (in spanish) it's starting to get colder now. In the morning and night especially. It's actually been kind of rainy for the past couple of days, so that's a bunch of fun. The mission gives us rain suits so that we don't get all soaked - I think I might have sent a picture of what they look like awhile ago when I was with Elder Hodson in Cabrero. I've got some sweet, fingerless llama gloves, so I'm stoked to use them hehe.

Hall, Me, and Kester

Kester and Me with birthing pains

More birthing pains

Well, I think that's just about it for this week. Let the family know that they're free to write me whenever they want, haha. I haven't gotten a letter from any family members for a good while (other than your weekly letters, of couse). They can write me with questions, let me know how they're doing, anything really. It would be good to hear from the fam - I remember the times we used to all sit down and write Justin while he was on his mission. It's easier now, haha, all they have to do is send me an e-mail! Thank you for the letter this week - I love reading them. I love and miss you very much and look forward to hearing from you again next week!


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