Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 20, 2011

Hello Mammy!!

Alrighty, sorry about not writing last week! Things just got really busy and then Elder Corbridge came to visit the mission so we were busy with that as well. But here I am, starting out another cambio with my new companion Elder Rubilar. On Tuesday I took Elder Moreno to the airport along with some other elders. Elder Heiser is also going home this cambio, but is now touring the mission with his parents, so I didn't take him to the airport. It was a really crazy sensation when Elder Heiser's mom ran up to hug him when we brought him to the hotel. It was also a weird sensation to see parents of a missionary here in the mission period, haha. It would be cool if you and dad could come down here when I finish, but I think we already decided that it's not possible. Oh well, you can come down with me when the Concepción temple gets dedicated! Sound like a plan? I thought so.

Let's see, what's new in the life of Elder Vincent.

The baptism we had last weekend was awesome! Nataly asked me to baptize her, and after the ordinance she just stayed there standing in the water with her eyes closed and said that she had never felt anything like that before - she had the biggest feeling of peace come over her and knew that God was pleased with her. When we got back into the tabernacle the ward councelor asked Nataly to share her testimony, which she did. It's been a little while since I've heard such a strong testimony coming from a recent convert. Hearing someone you taught say the things she said just fills your heart with joy - it's those moments that make every bit of the work worth it. The promise is real in D&C 18:15-16. One of the ward missionaries told me that Nataly went out with her to do some of her visits to recent converts and less-active members, so she's getting really involved right away!

Nataly's baptism

coming out of the font with Nataly

I've got a funny story to share with you all. Well, first of all you should all know that Elder Rubilar and I work hard and play hard. And well...we also make the work fun, haha. I'm really enjoying working with him - he's a great missionary and a great leader, so we're going to get a lot done for the mission this cambio. Anyway, so the other day we were driving in our sector to go visit one of our investigators, Katy (she actually has a baptismal date now!), and I decided to take a little short cut. There's a small dirt field between two roads, and instead of taking the long way around to get to the other side, I decided to just drive through the little dirt field. The cool thing about this dirt field, though, is that it is just FULL of potholes. One other key point of information: I didn't mention this to Elder Rubilar - best to just find these things out for yourself, right? So there we were going through the pothole field, Elder Rubilar and I were talking, and then the truck begins to shake side-to-side. Just a little at first, but then it got pretty violent, hahaha. Elder Rubilar let out a little yelp and then smacked his head against the window! PRICELESS! I'm still laughing about that one! I think I'll make that the official initiation process of Hualpencillo - gotta get your head smacked against the truck's window :).

I think I should explain a little bit about one of the pictures that I've attached. So this cambio three new missionaries got to the mission. After the first meeting with them in President Swenson's house Elder Rubilar and I decided to take them all to their sectors: one went to San Pedro, the other close to Coronel, and the other to Curanilahue (I LOVE that place). So we dropped the first two companionships off with no problems. Then on the way through the curvy roads along the coast to get to Curanilahue one of the trainers, Araya, got motion sick or something and painted our car with lasagna. Hahaha! I got some nice pictures of it - including one with the artist - so I hope you enjoy!


On a more spiritual note, I'd like to share with you a portion of my studies from this last week. I'll translate it to english for you (names might still appear in spanish):

I was reading Alma 47 (the story about how Amalickíah conquered to king of the lamanites and gained power over the kingdom) and I realized that I was being taught about how the devil uses sin to TRY to destroy the kingdom of God on earth.
*In verses 10 and 11 it is seen that Amalickíah subtly tried THREE times to make Lehonti come down from his refuge. Each time Lehonti said no, but Amalickíah persisted. Likewise, satan persists with his temptations.
*In verses 12 to 14 we see that Amalickíah tries in another way to get to Lehonti - he goes a little closer, thus making it appear as if he were making himself weaker to make Lehonti feel more comfortable. Amalickíah even says that if Lehonti joins forces with him that he will make him the first chief, and that he (Amalickíah) will be the second chief. Satan lies to us and makes his plan seem harmless, when really he has no intentions of fulfilling what he says.

*In verse 16 we learn that Amalickíah only used Lehonte as a means to get to the end he desired. And just as is evident in verses 18 and 19, satan does the same: he uses us while it is convenient for him, but when he no longer has need of the us he will leave us in an instant to despair (known as spiritual death).
*In verses 20 to 35 we see that Amalickíah continued to conquer the whole kingdom with his lies and frauds. And all of this because Lehonti went HALF WAY DOWN THE MOUNTAIN. Satan leaves ruin and heart ache in the lives of people and nations when they let themselves be lead by his influence. Key word being LET. Lehonti did not have to go down, rather he CHOSE to do it. The key to avoiding this is virtue and righteousness - doing what is right, even when nobody is looking, and searching diligently for what God wants us to do. This will, as Nephi wrote, ''give no place more for the enemy of [our souls]''.

* Verse 36 shows us that an entire civilization, even one that has been taught the ways of God, can dwindle in wickedness if they apart themselves from Him.

*Read verses 11-13, and 17-18. It talks about the example of Moroni.

I feel that this could be applied to our lives in more ways than just sin and temptation, but those are my feelings and thoughts, so I'll have to leave it up to you and see what the Spirit tells you. I hope you can enjoy this chapter as much as I have.

Well, this coming week we'll be going on another road trip - we've got mulit-zone conferences in the north, middle, and south of the mission. We should be back by Saturday, though. So hopefully I'll be able to write.

Update on letters: none have gotten to me, I'm guessing that's because nobody has sent any, haha. I am going to be sending one out today and that should get me all caught up on letters. Taadaaa! Magic.

Alright, I think that's just about it for this week. I'll get some pictures attached to this and send it off. Thank you for remember to write! Love and miss you tons!

leaving Elder Moreno in the airport

The office - Rubilar, Brimhall, Moreno, the Sullivans, Me, Arskey

this is how we see how much we weigh


PS. Thank you for getting in touch with USU. When does registration start? I need to get all that stuff figured out. I think I've decided to keep my music major and then double minor in spanish and political science. So if you could talk to USU and figure out what I need to do to get all that put together I would really appreciate it. Let me know ASAP!!! Thank you!

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