Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011

Hello hello!

Alrighty, so I don't have too much time this week. I'm sure you won't mind since we'll be seeing each other before too long. Today we went to visit my old sector Lican Ray to say goodbye to some people there. Saying goodbye isn't fun...I love these people so much, it's going to be hard to have to leave the mission. Can't I stay another two years??

Nancy and Jorge were confirmed yesterday! Jorge will be ordained a teacher next week and later this year when he turns 16 he'll be ordained a priest. Vilcún is growing rapidly! This weekend we'll be having three more baptisms! A good way to finish up the mission, I think :) The people getting baptized are named Daniela (16), Renee (14) (they're daughters of a member that haven't been baptized yet - they will be the first young women here in Vilcún), and Luis (24). Luis is the boyfriend of one of the members here named Dina. At the end of this year they should be getting married! Last week in one of our appointments they told us they had a surprise and they pulled out their engagement rings - I'm really excited for them. Luis should be ordained an elder by the next stake conference and then when he completes a year as a member he could be branch president! Vilcún is such an amazing place - I wish I could stay more time here.

Llaima hasn't been showing any signs of life recently - it did errupt a few years ago but nothing too serious. We almost had a volcano in the middle of the gospel principles class, though! One of the gas heaters had a leak in the hose that we didn't know about and in the middle of class it burst into flames, haha. Without thinking I jumped up, ran across the room, reached in and flipped the switch to cut the gas flow. Luckily it didn't explode! That wouldn't have been very pretty, haha. We called the stake president and the church should be bringing new stoves this week. Have no fear, Elder Vincent is here!

Our stove - if you look closely the burn marks look like the north and south american continents

There's always something new to see or learn each week, and I definitely saw something new this week. Everyone knows which is Anderson's Second Coming painting, right? (if not you can look it up on google) I saw that painting in the house of an investigator family! Elder Torres and I were looking at the pictures and paintings that the family had on the walls and before sitting down to begin sharing something with them we saw in the stairwell a familiar painting: it was the Second Coming by Anderson! They told us that they had bought it from a street vendor in Temuco and had no idea that it was from the LDS Church. How cool is that? The mother and one of the daughters came to church with us on Sunday as well, so looks like they were prepared a bit before meeting us, haha.

Well, we've got to get back to Vilcún. We're a little backed up because some of the visits in Lican Ray went longer than expected. Looking forward to seeing you all! But not too soon! Haha. I'll probably be able to jump onto a computer at some point next Monday, but if not I'll see you all soon! Don't forget to bring the red carpet to the airport! joke. But seriously...:)

We made cinammon rolls with Daniela and Renee

I wanted to grab its horns

Newborn lambs! They do hand is a witness

Mario has a new puppet


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