Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August 18, 2009

Dear Fam,

Thanks for all the goodies, the pillow case, and that wacky tape! I've already made it through the Reeses and a few packs of Oreos with the help of some of the other elders. Sharing is caring, right?

So I experienced a great tender little mercy today/yesterday. Yesterday during gym I rolled my ankle pretty hard playing basketball, and it made me turn into an Ian ... er ... I mean gimp. Same thing, no? Hehe. Anyway, so it hurt ... wait, maybe I did it Friday ... I don't remember. Anyway, it killed to walk on. Literally, elders and hermanas were droppin' like flies. And the, all of the sudden, today on the way to sacrament meeting it just stopped hurtin gand now I can walk perfectly normal. I guess the Lord just wants me to be able to play soccer tomorrow. Hehe, I kid, I kid. But yearh, I'm very grateful because now I know I didn't mess up my tobillo.

Justin (if you're not gone yet) -- I laughed really hard at your messages you tried to give me. But I couldn't understand a word you said 'cause you're too stooooped hoooo heeee ahoohe ha ... aheee ... hoo...huh? Oh, Man. Cheeseburger.

Cami -- I want to learn how to play that song you were playing in the background in the tape. It was shweet.

Mom & Jasmine -- Don't hog all the Alexis fun! Leave some for me when I get back! On second thought, Joel is her dad so I'm sure he'll refuel her crazy gauge from time to time. Speaking of which -- I had to concentrate to understand your message, Joel, but I did get it. You just keep working on that pronunciation ;). You're ready to talk to Spanish speakers in Virginia, though -- hehe.

Kelton -- make sure you're smart with that money; they don't pay people to throw potatoes at cows very often.

Ian -- not cool about Palin. Fair enough, though, I guess.

Dad -- I've been using your advice while reading the Book of Mormon again. Thanks, it helps a lot. Oh, and I think my companion might be able to challenge you for your Boofalo title; he can pretty much strike up a symphony on demand. It's gotta be the juice...

Well, it was great to hear you all on the tape! I'll work on recording a side for you but I literally have zero down-time here, so I'll do my best. Looking forward to hearing from you again!

Love always,
Elder Trevor Vincent

p.s. I've been thinking about asking for another set of Quad scriptures because I've come up with a color-code for marking (or inherited one, rather -- I've made a few changes) and my English scriptures now are filled with red so it's not too great. I do get about a 40% discount at the bookstore here, though, so maybe i'll just have you deposit a little money for me sometime.

p.p.s. Nice definitions in Balderdash! My district got a good laugh out of that part!

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  1. My son is Elder Vincent's Companion. He just sent some pictures home with Trevor in them that I would love to share with you.
    email me at harper610@cox.net and let me know where you would like me to send them.