Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August 5, 2009

Alright, so I figured this week I might as well just write me letter to you and anyone else who wants to read it in an e-mail considering I haven't really gotten any personal letters.

Thank you so much for the pictures! It brightens my day when I get to see Alexis and the rest of the family :)

I do have some things that I need and some things I need to tell you about really quick:
- I need a few more pairs of sports socks (2ish)
- If you could send me my knife or a letter opener that would be great.
(Personal items excluded)
- I could sure use a pair of sandals/flip flops for the showers
- I need some things to attach to my luggage so that I can identify it
- Elder Harper's mom has been talking to the mothers of missionaries in Concepcion right now and she said that it can get pretty cold there and that the insulation and heating isn't very good, so I may want one of those stuff-sack sleeping bags. The ones that are really warm but don't take up a lot of space. I haven't decided if I'm going to wait until I get down there to get one or not.
- It's a good thing we got that flee cover! Elder Harper's mom said that some of the other mothers said that the flees can be irritating. Also, the thermal garments seem to be popular, so thank you for thinking to send me some!

As far as daily life goes, I'm having a great time. I have 5 gym periods a week, all of which I spend out on the field. I don't have my schedule right now and I'm not familiar enough with it to tell you exactly when those are, but that's ok. If I saw you or anyone else I knew I would have to end the "meeting" within 30 seconds. I've been getting pretty good at soccer :) I absolutely LOVE playing it. Which is a good thing since that's the national pastime of Chile. I just can't wait until I get to go down there and get schooled up by an 8-year-old...haha.
The devotionals here are great. We haven't had any MAIN general authorities yet, but the speakers that have come are good. We had the director of international MTCs here last week, so that was kind of cool to learn about. There are 16 MTCs in the world, crazy huh? The one in Brazil is the largest Church-owned building outside the US. I also really enjoy the service project my district has been assigned to, which is taking down the gym after devotionals and firesides every Sunday and Tuesday night. It takes about 30 minutes because we have about 25-30 Elders working on it, but it's fun every time.
I've been seeing a lot of my friends from out in "the real world" in here. So that's been kind of fun. It's also fun to be considered among the "veterans" of the MTC now. Meaning we've been here long enough that we're part of the regular crowd and not the "frightened puppies" that arrive every Wednesday. There's not a whole lot of difference though considering we're all only here for a couple weeks. It's fun though.
Well, that's about all I have time to write for this week. I'm kind of scatter-brained when I write e-mails, but I'll try to get better at that. Please feel free (everyone) to write letters and I'll do my best to reply as quick as I can. I love you very much!

Love always,

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  1. Hello, I love to read Trevor's letters. I am Elder Harper's Mom, who Trevor refers to in his recent letter. Trevor and Riley (Elder Harper) are MTC companions. I'd love to get your email address to touch base if you are ok with that. Mine is Riley's blog is: Thanks, Michelle Harper