Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 26, 2009

(personal messages to family left out)

Allllrighty, updates. Elder Harper and I, as of about a week and a half ago, have been called as Zone Leaders for our branch. We have many responsibilities - it's a big job, but of course we accepted the invitation whole-heartedly. We're happy to serve in any way we can. There are 5 districts in our zone with about 10 Elders per zone - so it's a pretty decent-sized zone.
We FINALLY got an apostle at one of our Tuesday night devotionals! Elder Scott came and talked to us about the importance of developing the skill of using the spirit in our lives and how it can be a great protection and blessing against the adversary (and of course for our own personal benefit). It was such an amazingly spirit-filled meeting. Elder Scott also performed two apostolic blessings during the meeting: one to confer upon us the gift of tongues, and another to bless us with safety and security as we go out into the mission field. I had not yet experienced such a blessing, so to say the very least it was an amazing experience. I think it is easy to underestimate how blessed we are to have a prophet and apostles in the world today. I couldn't imagine what life would be like without the restoration of the Lord's true church.
It seems that the swine flue may be rearing its ugly head yet again. In the last week there have been five confirmed cases (two of which were in my zone). I am, however, in great health - never felt better. So no need to worry about that. I'll be out of here in about 3 weeks anyway, so hopefully I, and the rest of the Elders, can evade that dratted flu.

Short list of things I need/you should know about:
1. I need more paper for letter-writing :-)
2. I could use another sheet of return-address stickers.
3. I'm pretty sure down in Chile we will have what are called "Mamitas". Basically they are women that the church hires to take care of the Elders. I don't know to what extent, but I've heard that they will do our laundry (not garments if they're not endowed) and cook one or more meals for us per day. I bring this up, besides the fact that it's pretty interesting - I'll have a "maid" and you won't!!!! :-p (I kid, I kid - or I chist, I chist; chiste - joke hehe)- but because I've heard that sometimes it can take a week to get the clothes I'm not sure if I'll need more garments/socks. I'll see what I can fine out and let you know more.

Well, that's about all I have time for this week. I love and miss you mucho! Looking forward to getting more letters :)


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