Monday, October 19, 2009

October 19, 2009


Well that was quite the letter for this week! Makes me smile hehe.

I'm glad to hear that things are going well and that you all are keeping busy. As I was reading your letter about how you're getting all these work opportunities both inside and outside the music industry I couldn't help but think that the Lord is putting his hand in and helping you stay at home more often. You know, with the home-run business (and a family business at that), the steady job that would allow you to have less personal-studio hours, etc. To me that just says blessings from the Lord to be close to your family as well as have further experience with what you love doing. So I'm happy to hear about all that!

Don't worry too much about sending snail mail - yeah, it would be nice, but I really really look forward to these e-mails every Monday and I only get snail mail once a month. I think I mentioned this in one of my e-mails, but all the mail goes to the mission office in Concepcion, and then they give they give it to us once a month when we have interviews with the president or when we have conferences. So we don't get mail delivered directly to the house - we don't even have a mailbox haha. Come to think of it, I don't think I've seen a single mail box my whole time here. Interesting.

Glad to hear the house is coming along well, can't wait to see it! I wish I could be there to help you out with all those things, but for now my work is here. I'd love to help you out with whatever needs to be done when I get back, though.

It's was weird to read that you're just about done with your fall break because all the kids here are getting close to the finish of their school year - it's almost summer! The weather is warming up rapidly, which is great. Most days we go out in short sleeved shirts. Elder Kester has been sick the past few days, though, so he's not too fond of the sun at the moment.

What would I like for Christmas...hmmm. I was thinking the other day I'd love this year's game-day shirt from USU, and maybe a USU hoody? (large) Really anything you want to send - maybe a shirt that you all made together or something with messages on it. Like what you did with the piillow-case. I've always been terrible about telling people what I want because the truth is I'm always happy with what I get. My favorite goodies though, are Reeses. Anything with chocolate andn peanut butter, really. I still haven't found peanut butter because it really doesn't exist. One of the members told me there is a place in Concepcion that I can ask for them to order it, but I'm NEVER in Concepcion, so I don't think that's gonna work out.

Updates and fun stuff-
1. The other day Elder Kester and I were walking down the street and there was a hop skotch drawing and...well...we both played hop skotch haha. I'll bet it was pretty funny to see two missionaries hopping.

2. The cigarette packs here have a design that I think should be implimented in the US. The majority of the package has the warning label saying that smoking will kill you, and then a tiny part of it has the insignia of the company. And on the back there's an old man and it says you could be next. Haha, pretty sweet huh? Never thought I'd say that about a pack of cigarettes, but I think it's a good idea. I took some pictures so I'll try to attach them.

3. So this morning I went to open the fridge to see if we had anything to cook up for breakfast (keep in mind we don't usually eat breakfast), and when I opened the door I yelled to Elder Kester, ''We've only got some jelly and stick!'' We were laughing so hard for a good while after that. We have some raspberry jelly and the stick is this food called Nalca. It's basically a branch or reed of some sort that people peel and eat like a banana. It kind of tastes like an apple. We went to the store called ''Bigger'' (it's basically the Wal Mart of Chile - and it has the stupidest name ever haha) and bought some bread and crackers.

4. The other day we watched the Restoration video with two of our investigators, Irasmo and his wife Karina - that movie brings the spirit every time. I love watching it, and it's even better with newer investigators because you get to see their reactions. They both loved it and went to church the next day. So things are moving right along as far as the work goes. We've got two baptismal dates set up and we've got a couple more that could be solidifying in the next week or two. This coming week is the last week of the transfer, so I'll probably be getting a new companion here in Cabrero.

5. When you were telling me about Kelton's gaming with his friends, I thought about the gaming situation here. Nobody has any sort of gaming system in their house. Some have computers, but not too many. Well, here in Cabrero, at least. But there are some game systems and stuff in some of the internet cafes, like this one. I'm sitting right next to a playstation 2 where this little kid is screaming at his digital soccer player haha. Good times. Just thought I'd share that fun bit of info.

Well, I'm going to try to get some pictures on here so I can send them to you (*They're already posted here, in case you couldn't tell). I'm very glad to hear that Grandma has improved a lot and is getting back into the somewhat normal swing of life. Send my love to her and everyone else. I look forward to the weekly messages! I hope all is going well, I love you all and keep you in my prayers daily! Sorry if my letters sound a little scatter-brained at times!


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