Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17, 2010

¡Hola Mamá!

Sí, a mi me gustó el nombre que me colocó. ¿Cómo le ha ido con sus estudios de español? O sea, castellano. No se llama español acá - tendría que ir a España para aprender español. Pero bueno, hacemos lo que podemos con lo que tengamos, ¿no cierto? Me alegre que esté esforzándose a aprender otro idioma - eso ayuda para mantener la mente ocupada. ¡Pero parece que eso no es un problema para ud. porque tiene cualquier compromiso con los colegios y liceos! De tal manera, debe seguir practicando y aprendiendo más y más a fin de que pueda hablar conmigo y mis amigos chilenos. ¿Le parece bien?

It's cold in the morning!

I find it much easier to write some things in spanish nowadays, actually, haha. The other day Elder Hall and I were walking in an apartment complex trying to find a way to get into the buildlings (hehe) when we ran into a girl that had worked in Oregon for 8 months and spoke english really well. But I found that I couldn't really talk as fluently to her in english because I'm so used to talking to everyone in spanish. So I just told her that my english is terrible now and spoke to her in spanish....haha. Good times! When I do my homecoming talk I'll probably just stand up...look at around...and walk off the stand...ha...haha...:) Question: Do I really talk with a spanish accent? I think you mentioned something about that in the last e-mail. I didn't think I had a different accent...neato.

It's interesting to think about Cami graduating...we're totally going to be in the same year in college when I get back. But she'll have to go on a mission so we can put that little gap back in there. Sound good, Cami? ''Yeah, Trevor! That sounds great!'' Ok, cool. I knew you would agree.
Some fun things that happened this week:

1. This morning Elder Hall and I were taking a bus from the center to go to the mall (we were applying for his first visa), just sitting there all normal like when all of the sudden the driver starts pulling over REALLY CLOSE to the light posts and trees and stuff. Oh, and did I mention that he didn't show any signs of slowing down? Yeah, so there we were bulleting it down the street with posts wizzing right by my face, and then we hear a CRASSHHHHHHHH - the retard driver had bashed his side view mirror of hahahahahaha. And he was acting all confused about it; he pulled over to let some passengers off, and he was asking them what had broken, and Elder Hall said, (to me - in english so nobody understood) ''You broke your window of you idiot, what do you think happened?!'' I couldn't help it - I start laughing so hard. But I did it quietly, so I don't think the driver heard anything. I tell you, these drivers here are CRAZY.

2. A few days ago we had an open-house at the stake center, which is located right on the side of a really busy road. Elder Hall and I were put out front to be ''fishers''. Basically we just invited everyone in to get to know the church, what the chapel looks like on the inside, and what it is that we do (family history, all the organizations, etc.). So this group of about 15 scouts passed by in front of us (girls do scouts together with the boys here, by the way - I thought that was interesting) and I made friends with them by making the scout sign, hehe, and they ALL came in and loved it. I never did get my eagle, but I'm glad I remember that three-fingered sign now! Haha.

3. We had a ward talent show the other night, and the hermano in charge of it came up to Elder Hall and I about 3 minutes before it started to tell us that we were going to go first. So we were like....''Yeahhhhhhhhh, did NOT prepare a thing'' haha. But we didn't tell him that. It started...we got up...smiled...I did some magic tricks...sat down...and then Elder Hall stood there and said, ''Mi talento es que soy....ALTO!'' (My talent is that I'm tall!) Everyone got a kick out of that and then he sat down. The majority of the acts were music - I sang two songs: a song called Sabes with Fernanda, and then I sang the Halelujah song that everyone knows from Shrek. The end :)

Playing guitar at the talent show

I would love it if you could come to get me at the end of my mission, but if not, keep saving up and y'all can come back with me to go to the temple dedication when it gets finished :).
Still no package from you yet - I did get some letters from friends and a package (THANK YOU!) from a friend during interviews last week. I'm guessing your box will probably get here for the conference in a few weeks.

Well, that should be just about it for this week. If all goes well we should be having another baptism this weekend - so that should be shweeeeet. I'm not positive yet, but I'm pretty sure that I'll be leaving Temuco next week. I'll know for sure this Saturday. So I'll let you know where I'll be for the next six weeks next Monday. Thank you, as always, for the letter! I love hearing from home. I love and miss you all very much!

The pictures of me making dough for sopaipillas (scones) were taken at the house of a family that we're teaching. We met them one day when we were walking in front of the gate of their house, and randomly the daughter came out and we started talking to her. The mom came out and said that they were a little busy making bread, so I said that I would love to learn. They invited us in, but they were pretty much done making the bread already, so they said that one of these days when we pass by they were going to teach me how to do it. So we visited them last night and...surprise! They had it all ready to make bread. So that was fun. Oh yeah, and they made me put on an apron that pretty much was a dress, so that just made it all that much more fun. Love you!

Sopaipilla dough

Making sopaipillas in a dress


PS. The church is true, the book is blue, and God is a Mormon (hehe, I like that one)

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