Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14, 2010


Sounds like you all are getting some of our weater! It's been pouring for about 2 days straight and everything is wet - except for my backpack because I put it under my rain coat that the mission gave us, hehe. They also gave us rain pants so that we don't get all wet and miserable. My feet, on the other hand, got absolutely soaked last night. The new shoes do fit (oh yeah, the package got here - thank you!!!) but they're a bit higher than my Eccos and they're harder (for the moment) so they started to give me blisters on my ankles. So for now I wear them on Sundays and special ocassions (baptisms, interviews, conferences, sundays, etc.) so that I can break them in without torturing my feet. They're good shoes, though, so thank you very much :)

We had an interesting baptismal service this last weekend. It was scheduled to start at 5pm so we showed up at 4:30 to make sure that everything was ready (in this branch the branch secretary actually does something so we don't have to give the talks, fill the font, prepare the clothes, etc. -it's pretty nice) and to our dismay we found that there was NO water in the font. Apparently the secretary had filled it, but all the water left because the drain wasn't all-the-way closed. So that was a nice surprise. Anyway, we started to fill the font up again, but the gas for the chapel had run out (the Carabineros are there since their buidling fell in the earthquake so they use up all the gas with heating) so it came out cold...and dirty for some reason. Not exactly sure why. So poor Piero had to get baptized in freezing-cold, dirty water. And on top of that he had to get baptized three times, haha. Poor kid. But he did get baptized and confirmed the next day, so we're happy about that. We don't have a baptism this coming week, but we do have people that we are preparing, so in the next few weeks we'll be having more -yay! There's a saying Elder Laurito gave me that a returned-missionary in his branch in Uruguay gave him: ''A missionary will never miss his family or girlfriend while inside of a baptismal font.'' So I guess I should just spend a lot of time in there so I don't get homesick haha. Nah, I miss you all still. But I'm loving every second out here. I really haven't had any companion problems or anything like that - I've been very blessed so far. And I'll keep working hard so that the Lord doesn't send me that kind of problem! *knocks on wood*

Bautismo de Piero

Here's a funny story for the week:

The other day during companioship study Elder Laurito and I called attention to the part that says pray for your companion when he is teaching - and we joked around and practiced it the way that the Evangelicals pray: everyone says your own prayer while the main person says a prayer (they actually do do's VERY distracting and sucks the spirit out of a prayer). I thought it was just going to be a joke that stayed in the house, haha, but one day we were leaving the house of an old lady, and during the prayer she was saying her own, and when I asked God to help her come to church with us on Sunday Elder Laurito said, ''Amen!'' I ALMOST started laughing out loud during the prayer hahaha. We get along really well - always joking around (including pranks on the other elders that live with us, hehe) and working VERY hard.

Well, I'd better wrap this up and get some pictures attached - we've got an activity planned with one of the members now. We're going to make completos and some other food and watch a church or Disney movie. Let the good times roll!

Obviously, this kitchen is Vincent-proof

Some roofs are really low...

Wiggin it out with E' Laurito and Kamila

Wiggin it out with E' Laurito

Thank you very much for all your supportiveness, mom (and family and friends!). I can't tell you how much it means to me. This week especially...reading letters from you and dad filled my heart and made my day. This week is going to be that much better having heard from you both. It really mean does the world to me. I love and miss you all soooooo much! Looking forward to hearing from you next week!


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