Monday, June 28, 2010

June 28, 2010

To explain a couple of the pictures, Mom sent him some citronella spray to discourage the dogs.

Querida Mamá,

Me alegre que está practicando su español! Aún está leyendo de las escrituras? Si no me equivoco creo que le mandé una Biblia también. Si puede, debe comprar la Biblia SUD(LDS) en español, porque tiene todas las ventajas de estudiar que tiene el Libro de Mormón. Como quiera no más :).

Congrats on your success with the fitness program! Keep on keepin' on!

So that's where the CD Justin was talking about on the tape is, haha. I figured it had been forgotten somewhere (maybe even on Justin's desk since that seems to eat things up, hahaha - if you're reading this Justin....DUMMAAYY!). I have a few more wish-list items if you haven't already sent out the package - highlighters that don't bleed. I use them quite a bit while I'm studying and I think that they are starting to run out (you bought me the sharpie clickers before I left, I like those). Also, I'm not sure how this will work out, but there's a member here who is going to leave on a mission pretty soon and she asked me if there's any way that you could get a spanish, leather-bound triple with the tabs because apparently those aren't found here in Chile. Only the ones without the tabs on the side. She said she would give me the money and everything for it - so what I was thinking that maybe you could go LOOK at prices in the distribution center and then let me know what those prices are like. It's a little iffy to send it to me as well because by the time it gets here I might not even be in the sector haha. But I told her I would ask about it.

We had a REALLY great week this week. The Lord has helped us find lots of people - we put 9 baptismal dates this last week! The zone of Lebu (my zone) is on top for the month of June - yahoo! We had 20 baptisms (hasn't been done in this zone for 2 years) and every single companionship had at least one baptism. So we're really stoked about that. I'm kind of nervious about something though - last night when I called the zone leaders to pass them the numbers from my district for the week Elder Hatch (one of my zone leaders) pretty much told me that it's possible that I'll be a zone leader next cambio. Not sure if it'll be this cambio or the next one, but he thinks it'll be soon...Not quite sure if I'm ready for that haha. But I'll accept the call when it comes. While thinking about that one of my favorite scriptures came to mind - Alma 26:12. My favorite part (sorry, my scriptural knowledge is mostly in spanish) is when he says, ''solo sé que nada soy; en cuanto a mi fuerza, soy débil...'' I know I'm nothing, but the Lord has helped me work together with my companions in His work, and I'll do what He would have me do.

Funny story for the week:
So we were walking down the street the other day, and there was a sleeping dog on the street (perfect opportunity, hehe). Elder Laurito beat me to it and stomped on the ground really hard right by the dog's head. He was walking on the right side and I was on the left side - the dog jolted awake, wipped around and smashed into my leg. Hahaha, it was priceless. It's even more funny because the dog scared me haha - I didn't expect it to smash into my leg, so I thought it was trying to bite me. Needless to say I jumped haha.

Honestly, there are rough days. There are times when it is rough - but I never remember those days because the good out-weighs the bad. I'm always having fun and enjoying myself because I know why I'm here. I've always had great companions, I've met tons of great people, and the Lord has let me experience many miracles - both in my own life and the lives of others around me. If you've got your head in the right place the tough parts just fade away and you find yourself enjoying every second of this great work. I'm not sure which apostle said it, but there's a quote that I really like that says, ''Be a creator of circumstances, not a product of them.'' Or something like that - I remember it in spanish, ''Sea un creador de las circunstancias, y no una creación de ellas.''

Well, I think I had better get some pictures and stuff attached for you. We're going to go watch Chile lose to Brasil...COUGH...I mean Chile WIN! Haha...ha..ha..could happen. Too bad the States lost to Ghana :(. Just as well, if we had won, we would have gone against Uruguay this coming Friday and then Elder Laurito and I would have had some problems hahaha. I love and miss you all VERY much and am looking forward to spending time with you all again.

Contacting a crooked house

One doggiette and many admirers...hahaha

Who let the dogs out -- SPRAY, SPRAY, SPRAY, SPRAY

Elder Noriega wanted to see if it worked (hehe...not really)



PS. Anyone who wants to send me snail mail, feel free to do so. It's always nice to get letters at the mission conferences.

Note: His snail-mail address is:

Mision Chile Concpecion Sur
O'Higgins 940 Of. 503
Casilla 3560
Concepcion, Chile

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