Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 25, 2010


Alrighty, so I won't end up having time tomorrow, so my zone leaders called me up and told me that I could do internet today. So here's the letter! I'm glad you wrote, because I was thinking it would have been a waste to do internet without having recieved any letters!
Looks like you're all set for a great trip up to Washington - tell everyone I said ''hola!'' haha. Be sure to take lots of pictures and send me some in the next package (I like to have some physical copies around sometimes).

This week was INSANELY busy for us. On top of all the work we have to do every week we had to prepare 5 baptisms (which includes interviews from leaders, etc.) and get the sector ready for Elder Galindo's and my absence this coming week. Elder Tatasciore and Elder Laurito will be staying here working both of the sectors for a couple days. Hopefully they can manage that! I'm confident that they'll do fine. So when we went to do interviews for Jocelyn and Gerardo out of the blue their dad came home and told us that he didn't want them to get baptized (thought they were going to fast or something like that). At first I was just like, ''NOOOOO!!!!!!!'' But then we shared the Restoration with him and after that he said that it was ok that they got baptized if they really wanted to and were ready to do it. We've been sharing with them for about 4 or 5 weeks so DUR they were ready. Then President Swenson came down on Friday to do the interviews for Fabiola, David, and Fernanda - that went really well. They all loved him and he told me that we had taught them well because they were all very prepared to get baptized and even knew and understood things that baptismal candidates usually don't. So I was very happy for all of them. Yesterday we had a great baptismal service, for which the water was VERY hot, haha. I walked in and then walked right back out with red feet - everyone laughed at me. So we turned the cold water on and waited for a little bit. Afterwards Fabiola told me an experience that she and David both had during the baptism: They said that they had felt someone behind them while they were going into the font, but Elder Tatasciore (baptized Fabiola) and I (baptized David) had gone in before them. Then they said that while they were under the water they felt somebody under them supporting them; holding them up. I just sat there and listened to her as she told me how positive she was that Christ had been with them during the ordinance. I've been so blessed to have been able to experience so many miracles out here in the mission field. I absolutely love being a missionary. David and Gerardo will be getting the Aaronic Priesthod next week and then will be passing the following. Fabiola wants to sing in the branch choir and have a calling. And Jocelyn and Fernanda are strong members willing to participate in their respective organizations.

Baptism line!

David, Fabiola, and Fernanda

Familia de Jocelyn y Gerardo

Me, Gerardo, Jocelyn, Fernanda, Fabiola, David, Tatasciore, Laurito

Last night we also had a talent show in the chapel after the baptism. Everyone was pretty poorly prepared except for what the missionaries did, haha. I sang the Hallelujah song from Shrek (everyone knows it, of course, so I sang it, haha - this time with a mic, so that was fun), and then the four missionaries did a sketch of the ''typical morning of a missionary''. Somebody recorded it for me with my camera, so I'll be sending that home in the next package. Everyone died from laughing so hard, it was fun stuff.

Well, my time is about up and we have to head out to visit Fabiola and her family before I have to head up to ConcepciĆ³n and 6. I've been assigned to a companion named Elder Hong for the next couple of days, and will be staying in the same house as the assistents - which means I'll spend a couple of nights with Elder Kester! So that will be fun. Anyway, I'm going to get going now. I love and miss you very much! Enjoy the trip!



PS. Don't really have any time to get many pictures, so I'm only attaching the baptism pictures.

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