Monday, August 2, 2010

August 2, 2010

Hey howdy hey!

Sounds like you're all off having a great time in Washington! I have to admit I was a little jealous to hear about the camping and the boating...I want to take a nature trip when I get back. How's everyone doing?

This week went well for us here - we put a baptismal date with Fabiola's (the mom that just got baptized) mother for the 28th of this month. She hasn't really participated too much when we've been there sharing with the family, so I saw that as a huge blessing. I think the pivital point was when she saw the pictures of all the baptisms - she said, ''There's someone missing here! Me!''. So we told her we could help her prepare to get baptized as well and she accepted! We also found another girl named Camila that accepted a baptismal date for the 21st, but we're going to have to push it back to the 28th (she wasn't able to come to church because she was sick). We found her knocking doors, so to all those missionaries out there who think knocking doors isn't very effective...IT IS! I have found many people that have gotten baptized just knocking a door here and there...more like my WHOLE sector hahaha. I love it.

So I'll be heading back to Temuco this Saturday (all day in the bus, hehe, fun stuff) to baptized a couple that's getting married! I'm very excited - their names are Robin and Bilha, not sure if I mentioned them in a letter before. I found them when I was with Elder Tonumaipe'a in Lican Ray, so it's great to see that they're finally getting married and baptized. The Bishop in Lican Ray called President Swenson to get permission for me to go down there, and then President Swenson talked with me and gave me permission to do it - special request of Robin and Bilha. So that's going to be a lot of fun. The condition that President Swenson gave me is that I have to get down there and back in the same day, haha. And it takes about 4 hours to get there, so that should be fun: Leave early in the morning, get there for the wedding, go to the baptism, run back to the center to take a bus and rocket it back up to Curanilahue. And then the next morning we have district conference in lots of traveling! Oh yeah, and today we're in ConcepciĆ³n because I had an appointment with a foot doctor - those new shoes that you sent me did a number on my heel-ankles when I sent my Eccos to get fixed, and now my achiles tendon hurts while I walk even with my soft shoes. Bummer! But I'll have some implants for my shoes pretty soon here. They're charging me like $ I really hope that's reimbursible...if not, I might have to ask you for some money...sorry :( Gotta have my feet ship-shape, right?

Oh yeah, so I found out that Cami's friend Elder Merrill is actually in Lican Ray - so I'll get to meet him this weekend. Kind of cool how he was born in my old sector. It's a small mission after all.

Here's the funny story of the week:
So the other night we were walking through a neighborhood at about 8pm when a group of flaites called us over to talk to them. I had met some of them before, so we went over for a minute just to humor them. They started asking us a bunch of questions and then the one girl that was there asked us if we danced. I told her no, so she flipped on the stereo in the car (no idea where they got a car, haha) and then pretty much threw herself on me. In my head I was like, ''Get off me, Satan!'' Hahaha, and I backed away from her before she could do anything. Elder Tatasciore that it was pretty funny - we got some good laughs out of things I could have done...haha.

The capacitations were really good - it's a focus that the church will be applying in the MTC this coming May. I guess they want all the missions of the world to get some experience with it before they start throwing new missionaries out there. I don't have time to go into all the details and whatnot, but it was a really spiritually edifying experience and I'm really eager to apply the things I learned.

Well, I didn't really take any pictures this last week, so I'll look for some that I can send. Thank you for writing even though you were on vacation! I always enjoy getting letters. I love and miss you very much!

Crossing the bridge into ConcepciĆ³n


Missing a tooth (not really...)


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