Monday, December 27, 2010

December 27, 2010

Long time no talk! Oh wait, I can actually say long time no SEE this time! It was realy good to see and talk to you all the other day! I have to admit that when President Swenson told us the other day in the conference that we could use webcam I kind of argued with myself as to whether or not I was going to use it or not (afraid that it would make me trunky). But I'm glad I did because it didn't make me trunky at all - it was just nice to be able to see you all. Better than a normal phone call if you ask me! With just a phone I can play around with the camera or anything, hehe. I hope you enjoyed how I started the conversation haha. Good times.

Well, let's see if there's anything to write about - it's always hard to write the Monday after a phone call because we already talked about everything. I guess I could share the interesting experience we had Saturday night:

Alright, so after the phone call I went down to the ward's (Lican Ray) Christmas party. There I was happy to see that my convert Veronica was in charge of all the food and stuff - she's such a strong member! It was also good to see all the members and old friends and stuff :) The bishop and his family had an interesting number - they did a mini play of the decapatation of John the Baptist....I'm still looking for the Christmas message in that one...haha. Anyway, so my companion and I were supposed to meet back up at 6:30. I called at 6:20 and he still hadn't been able to connect with his family. So I waited and waited until about 8 and called again - still hadn't been able to get through. I guess the situation isn't so easy connecting with Nicaragua. So we decided that he would do his call another day and decided to meet up in the center. A member from Lican Ray drove me to the rally point, and when we got there the elders my companion was with called and said they didn't have any money so they sent my companion ALONE on a bus that was going to pass by where we were. I was like...retards, you're not supposed to do that, but ok. So I sat waiting for my companion, but he never got there, haha. Then the elders he was with called and said that they had sent him on a bus that went to a DIFFERENT part of town. I was like DANGIT!! So we jumped into the van and zoomed over there. I stopped the only bus that passed by, and the driver said that a missionary had gotten on but had gotten off in the center...where we had just come from. DANGIT!!! Again we jumped into the van and went back to the rally point. My companion was not to be seen. Then the member's parents call and say they need to be driven back home because the activity was over. We get in the van, pass through the center looking for my companion, and then decide to go back to the church and send me out with a different brother from the church so he can take his family home. I was pretty frustrated at this point - stinkin' elders! Haha. Anyway, so we're driving down the road and we pass in front of the stake companion wasn't there. But he was down the street a little further looking really dismayed - any missionary who is forced to be alone would feel the same! So we pulled over, I jumped out and then everything was ok. Turns out that I should have just stayed in the spot where I was at first and everything would have been ok, but the elder who called me gave me bad instructions that made us go to a different part. My companion did get to where I should have been, but when we had already left. And then when he realized that he ran over to where we had gone because he knew the bus went over there too. When he got there we had already gone back to where we were at first, haha. So he started to walk back over there hoping that we'd see him at some point. And we did. So it was pretty chaotic for about half an hour but everything turned out alright.

Hmmmm, what else. Well, this weekend we should be having another baptism if everything goes well. His name is Michael Espinoza. He's a reference from a member - turns out a few months ago he started wanting to get closer to God and start a new life, and his uncle (who is a RM) gave him a copy of Gospel Principles which he began to read. Then his uncle brought him to church where he met us, and then he put a baptismal date for himself! He's a great guy and will be a great missionary some day.

Well, I don't really have anything else for this week. Just that story and the cool experience with Michael. We already talked about everything else on Saturday. I'll look forward to hearing from you all this coming week! Love and miss you all tons! Enjoy that snow and cold up there - it's hot and summertimepoohead here! But that's ok - I enjoy summer :) Chao!

His name Bob

Bob had a foot transplant

Elder Santa

Santa Pyramid


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