Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January 4, 2011

Hey howdy hey!

Well, I didn't die. That ''earthquake'' was just a little movement. I'm pretty darn sure the magnitude was made up for the actual earthquake last February - because if they're saying what happened the other day was a 7.1 then the earthquake last year was definitely more than an 8. I've heard it has to do with insurrance and stuff like that. Oh well. It is what it is.

I didn't have time to write yesterday because I was in a meeting with all the zone leaders and President Swenson until about 3, and then we had to go to the mission office in downtown ConcepciĆ³n to get all the stuff our zone needs, and then we took a bus back to Temuco around 7. Didn't get here until almost 12 so we just went straight to sleep. But anyway, here I am!

Consejo with President and Sister Swenson

We had a really good New Years here - we had lunch with a member who cooked a giant turkey (the same member where we ate sheep the last time). After eating a gigantic lunch we played around with his remote-controlled helicopter...those things are HARD to fly! We ended up getting it stuck in his neighbor's tree, haha. We did get it back, though. After that we worked the whole day until we went to Mario and Jimena's house around 9ish. There we cooked ANOTHER barbeque - they're called ''asados'' here. We left there around 11 (the mission had permission to be out until that hour) and made it back to our house just in time to wake Elder Laurito and Elder Lusk up for the new year, haha. Apparently they didn't have a place to go so they just went home and got into bed. BORING! I ran into the room screaming and pulled them out of bed and then we jumped around and stuff when it finally turned 1. Then after that we sat down and were like...what should we do........ ... ........ . . and then we went to bed, haha. I wasn't feeling up to another jenga tournament, so we just called it a night. The next day was P-day, but everything was closed so we couldn't really do much. Elder Sanchez and I ended up going back to our old sectors in Temuco to visit some people. Something pretty wierd that happened to us is that we both woke up feeling a bit sick...probably from eating WAY too much the day before, hehe. That's ok, though, it was New Years.


Sanchez cooking the meat


More food

New Years - Jimena, me, Sanchez

Maikel got baptized on Sunday! He was going to get baptized on Saturday, but his family and girlfriend (who are not members) wouldn't have been able to come so we changed the date last-minute. While we were changing into our baptismal clothes Maikel said, ''Next time I get to baptize someone, right?'' How cool is that? He's a great convert - now we're working on his family who have become really receptive recently. Our goal is to have him baptize his family and his girlfriend - that would be amazing! This sector is amaaaaazing, I've always loved Temuco. On the 15th we should have another baptism or two as well. So the work is moving along really well here :) Missionary man, missionary man, doing all the missionary stuff. Does he teach? Yes he does. He's got a white baptism tie. Watch out! Here comes missionary mannnnnnnn! (Ian should know the tune of that one)

Oh yeah, another cool thing before I forget. There was a family from Provo that came to our ward on Sunday! I don't remember the last name, but the mother is a convert who got baptized here about 30 years ago and all of her children went to Timpview! The youngest daughter even said she knows Cami, haha. What are the odds of running into a family of gringos down here?! The mom got up to bear her testimony and right away I knew that she hadn't been in Chile for a long time because her spanish was gringofied a bit. And then she said she was from Provo and I wanted to stand up and yell ''Amen, Sista!'' But not really... Maybe they'll get in touch with Cami when they back. The end.

Well, that's about all I've got for this week. We've gotta go do my companion's visa now...funnnnnnnn stuff. I hope you're all doing well and enjoying your vacations! And all that snow, hehe. It rained this morning down here but now it's nice outside. So I'm going to go enjoy it :-p Love and miss you tons!


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