Monday, November 16, 2009

November 16, 2009

¡Hola Mamá!

Quisiera escribir un poco en español esta semana para que usted pueda practicar ;-) Gracias por escribir esta semana, me encanta a mi recibir cartas de la familia. ¡Que lástima que la electricidad en su pieza no está funcionando! Ojalá que se arregle aquí pronto. Y la alfombra también, yo recuerdo que se ve...bueno, feo, jaja. Pero sí, estoy de acuerdo que sería mejor pagar alguien a hacerlo para que usted no pierda tiempo haciéndolo. ¡Parece que tiene un montón de otras cosas de hacer!

Alrighty, hope you can understand all that!

It's very true about having a guardian angel - I've never been worried about my safety for a second here because I know I'm active in the Lord's work. There's a bit of civil unrest here with the native Mapuche, but that's more to the north of here in Rancagua and Santiago, I think. Nothing to worry about, the Lord provides protection for his servants. Thank you for your prayers, though, it's always nice to have that additional support.

It's really weird to think about snow right now. Here it's pretty hot every day (today is a little more clowdy and a little chilly, but not too much). I'm getting tanner and tanner as a result of being in the summer sun all day while you all are bundling up and preparing for snow. Crazy, huh? This inverse season thing is pretty interesting. The flowers are in bloom like crazy here, you would love it. In Cabrero there's a rail-road crossing where there are just BILLIONS of flowers. I keep meaning to take a picture, but I always forget when we pass by. I'll have to get a picture for you before they all go away.

Good to hear that things are moving along with the house. The pictures looked really good - I love the new roof! Everyone here really likes how the house looks as well haha. I've got all the pictures on a flash drive that I carry around with me sometimes to show people that have computers. But it would be nice to have pictures of the family and the house and stuff in a photo album so I can just show people in the street that might be interested as well.

Thanksgiving, good ol Thanksgiving. Hope you ate enough for me as well! Naturally that holiday doesn't exist here. I don't think I even remember which day it is...woops! Oh well ha. I'll bet it was great to have all the family together, or parts of it at least. The family needs a lot of work here, and in the States as well I imagine. A lot of the parents here aren't really responsible in the way they raise their kids and the kids grow up with bad habbits and no manners. I love the people here regardless, though. I don't know what it is, but it's really true what everyone says about the country of your mission becoming your second home. I really feel at home here - even if the people always yell ''Ey gringo!'' in the streets haha. It's great fun.

The package hasn't arrived yet, but we have interviews with President Swenson tomorrow morning and the assistents will be bringing all the mail. So if it has arrived in Concepción I'll be getting it tomorrow. Elder Hodson said he's never had any problems with the mail. His parents even sent him an iPod with some speakers for Christmas last year. So hopefully it's the same story with the packages you send for me! As far as home-baked goods, there are some international laws as to what you can and can't send (just fruit and beef jerky or meat I think). Can't go wrong with Reeses, hehe. They don't exist here. There's this really good candy bar here called Mantecol that I think you would all really enjoy. It's like a Butterfinger, but without the chocolate and it's soft: Sooooooo good.

I know how you feel about not really knowing what to write when you sit down, so I usually have a paper that I write stuff to write during the week and then when I sit down to write I pull that out and voila! This week, though, I didn't do that haha, so we'll see if I can remember some things that have happened.

Here's a neat experience: The other day we were walking down the street and we had the impression to talk to an old lady that was out in front of her house working with her flowers. After getting to know her for a little bit she told us that her husband (they're not married - TONS of people here are living together without being married) has been under the weather in regards to health and that he's out of work. We told her that we could help him, and immediately she invited us in. We shared the story of the restoration with him and offered to give him a blessing for his health. I can't explain the feelings that come while giving a blessing - it truly is an unworldy experience. If your faith and mind are focused on the blessing everything else just fades away in the background and you can feel the spirit guiding your words. I'm positive this man, Juan, felt something - I could see it in his eyes. He wasn't able to go to church this last week because he's got problems with his legs, but we'll be passing by his house later this week to see him. I really hope they're prepared to recieve the restored gospel.

Oh! Here's something cool. So we met the music professor of the high school in Cabrero, his name is Cristofer (can't remember if I already mentioned him...). Anyway, so he has a saxophone and he let me borrow it for a few days! I didn't have any time to practice it in the house - maybe ten minutes one day - but it was really neat to be able to play again. We're actually going to the high school later today to play some music with Cristofer. He plays the guitar really well and wants me to teach him some saxophone - he plays a little but really wants to learn how to play jazz. How cool is that? Jazz is basically non-existent here, so it's really rare that there's anyone here with a saxophone at all, no less someone who wants to learn jazz. So I'm pretty excited about that - we're hoping for this to be a bridge to share the gospel with him as well.

Me at the Torres Family Ranch

Me with the Torres family's cows

Collapsed Bridge

Well, I think that's about all I've got for this week. It was really good to hear from you! No matter what is in the weekly letter I always enjoy reading what's going on with the family. Hope all goes well with Thanksgiving - you're all in my prayers! I love you all very much!


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