Monday, November 9, 2009

November 9, 2009

Hola Mamá!

No letter this week, eh? No worries. I'll just look forward to next week :) Thanks for the hug and a hi though! It's good to just hear from you, at least.

Thank you for getting the shoe thing together! I really appreciate it. And the retainer has been found for sure - I'm going to pick it up later today. After we do internet we're going to go to McDonalds and then we're going to go to the other Elders' house nearby, pick up the retainer, and head back to Cabrero. We're in Los Angeles for the day, again hehe. There's really not a whole lot to do in Cabrero, so we hardly stay there. Next week we're headed to the beach in Talcahuano for a multi-zone conference. I'm really looking forward to it.

Today I bought some really cool clothing-items made of sheep wool here in Chile. I got a porerón (jacket) and a side pouch - it's like that LL Bean backpack you bought me years ago but much smaller. And they're both made of Chilean wool. I'll send pictures next week. I've also made a Christmas package and sent it off - the caballero in the post office said it would take about 9 days to get to the states, so if it does get there DON'T open until Christmas. I think you'll all like what I sent. I know I do hehe.

Hmmm, what are some interesting things that have happened this week...I'll just start a bullet list and say anything that comes to mind:

1. Earlier this week Elder Hodson and I were waiting for a bus in Monte Aguila after a lunch appointment, and there were a bunch of high school girls at the paradera (bust stop). We got to talking with them, and before I knew it they were all taking pictures with me haha. They asked me if I had a girlfriend and all that stuff and I explained to them that as a missionary I can't have a girlfriend and that I don't have one waiting for me in the states. It was pretty funny. I've actually got a picture that Elder Hodson took with my camera that I'll attach.

2. One of our investigator families went to church this past sunday! It was soooo cool! We've been visiting with them for about 2 weeks now and they finally had time to go this week. The dad works in the factory Masisa here in Cabrero, and the mom cuts hair in her house. Every time we pass by I like to joke around with her and ask how many ears she has cut off this week. We have a really good relationship with them. Oh yeah, we've also taught them a phrase in ''english'', it goes something like this: awashawashawasha! All the kids in the street here try to yell stuff in english at us, and it usually sounds something like that. So now we have that as an inside with joke with this family - the family Chavaria. We've actually been helping the dad, Pascual, with his english. Apparently he's taking a class through work, so the gringos have been helping him haha.

3. We repainted a wall in our study room and in our bathroom this morning. Some of the Elders who lived there previously had drawn some grafiti on the walls, and well...the bathroom wall just needed it. So we got it all cleaned up, and it looks great now. We also got some sillones (soft chairs) really cheap from a member the other night, so we've got it goin' on in Cabrero.

4. We've got two baptisms planned for the 20th this month, and we should be getting some more here pretty soon. It's amazing to see how the Lord really prepares people, we just find them and teach them. And then there are the people that just don't want anything to do with us. Those are always fun, haha. But I keep my head and my heart in the right place and just continue doing my best to find those that the Lord has prepared. As missionaries we just have to keep in mind what it says in D y C 4 (I'm going to write it in spanish because I can remember it better): y he aquí, el campo blanco está ya para la siega: y quien mete su hoz con su fuerza atesora para sí, de modo que no perece, sino que trea salvacion a su alma. The field is ready to harvest, we just have to do everything we can and we'll have fruits. I also keep in mind what it says in DyC 18(?) about how great your joy would be if you laboured all your days and brought only one soul unto Christ. And then the next verse says how great would your joy be if you brought many! So that's what Elder Hodson and I are working on :)

I can't even begin to tell you how much I am loving it out here. The only fear in the entire world I have is that if something ever happened to make it so that I couldn't continue serving the Lord. I'm not afraid of talking to people, or doing anything the Lord asks me. It's such a great thing, being a missionary. I would recommend it for anyone in a heartbeat. And I can't tell you how true it is that every member is a missionary. As a full-time missionary I can tell you that without members our work would be MUCH more difficult. Everyone should be doing their part in the Lord's work, no matter where you are, it's an amazing experience regardless of who you are.

Well, I think I've splurged just about all my coherent thoughts out for now. Thanks for the e-mail this week! It's always good to get some word from home. I'm going to go get some pictures ready to be sent now. I love and miss you very much!


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