Monday, January 25, 2010

January 25, 2010


Kudos for remembering to get on Sunday nights!

Oh hey, we've had some snow storms here as well...only they didn't have quite as much wind....and there was no snow....and it wasn't cold...and there wasn't a storm. So it's basically the same, right? :-p It continues to be hot here every day, and my new sector has a ton of hills - very different from Cabrero - so I'm getting my excercise in during the day. I think I'm dropping some weight as well.

You're all very lucky to live near a temple - TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT! I haven't even seen a temple in about 5 months. When I get back I'm going to go once a week - so get into that habit so we can all go together!

Ok, updates from me:
This camio really has been a big change for me. I'm in the sector Lican Ray in Temuco (lots of hills), my companion Elder Tonumaipe'a doesn't speak a lot of spanish (he does speak english, but with an australian accent, and he is samoan), and I'm senior companion so I have more responsibility than I did before. On the bus down here I was pretty nervous - I wasn't really sure what was going to happen and stuff like that, but I've learned to confide in the Lord and trust that he'll help me and my companion along in his work. When I got here there weren't really many people that were progressing, but this last week we worked VERY hard and we've got a lot of great people that we're teaching now - some of them have baptismal dates. It's an interesting switch, going from junior to senior companion because the responsibility of the sector and obedience of the companionship falls on my shoulders. Elder Tonumaipe'a is great, though; we get along really well and we work really hard. His spanish is still rocky, but he's learning quick. Not that my spanish is perfect, but I speak and understand well enough to work efficiently in our sector.

Well, I'll write more details about the investigators that are progressing next week, but I'm going to attach some pictures of a family (well, part of the family) that we're teaching. It's a single mom with her three daughters Carla, Karen, and Karol - Carla was working so she's not in the picture.

Thank you very much for writing me - it's always nice to get some word from home! I love and miss you all very much!


PS. One of the photos has four missionary plaques - there are four missionaries living in our house, so Elder Moreno and Elder Bernal are from the other sector Quirihue.

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