Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 4, 2010

Hey howdy hey!

Sounds like you all had a pretty good Christmas! I'm sure that everyone is very jealous of your extra time away from school, though, haha. Funny you should say that the Vincent family got hit hard with some sort of a flu-bug, because I got sick, too! I think there was a little time-delay for me because it had to travel all the way down here, but I got sick on the 30th (threw up once), slept alllll day the 31st, felt a bit better on the 1st, and then recovered on the 2nd. It was kind of a bummer to be sick for the holiday, but we had to be in our house by 11pm that night anyway so it's not like I missed anything. I actually rather enjoyed sleeping...ok, maybe it was the only thing I wanted to do, but still :)

I'm glad you like the book! I'm not really sure what it looks like or what all is in it because I did my part from a few thousand miles away, but that's ok. You can send me pictures of you and dad enjoying it or something ;-) I really like the in-the-family-from-the-heart gifts like that. It really means a lot to those that recieve them. I did send out the box of stuff to you all from me again, so let me know if it gets there. Hopefully it won't show back up at the mission office in Concepción again. Cross your fingers!

Well, we had yet another interesting encounter with a boracho (drunk) the other day - this one wasn't violent. So we were standing in the street talking to some people when out of nowhere this drunk guys shows up, and gives us a good ol' army salute (foot stomp and all!). If that weren't funny enough, he started telling us about a ''dream'' that he had. So in this dream he supposedly saw Jesus...and he only said one thing to him (Jesus to this guy): ''¡Pan, pan! Vino, vino!'' Which means ''Bread, bread! Wine, wine!'' So that just added on to me wanting to laugh. Elder Rodriguez and I did our best to hold it in. Anyway, so we told him that his army commander was waiting for him further down the road and he went off to find him. But before he walked away I told him that Jesus never said ''¡Pan, pan! ¡Vino, vino!''; but rather he said ''¡Pan, pan! ¡Jugo, jugo!'' Which is ''Bread, bread! Juice, juice!'' So he walked away saying that. We still get a good laugh out of this guy every once in awhile - he's a regular drunk around here in Cabrero. Oh! And then to add on to the funniness, we asked the people if they knew this guy and they all said yes, and then they said ''Allí viene su hermano.'' There comes his brother! And his brother was plastered as well hahaha. Good times.

Alright, now for the REALLY cool news for this week. If all goes as planned, I'm going to baptize Freddy at Salta del Laja! Right below the waterfall! Well, not right below it, but in a calm pool of water below the waterfall with the waterfall in the background. It's going to be like one of those pictures you see on the wall in the MTC - we're all really excited about it. Especially Freddy. That will be next Saturday, so I'll be sure to send photos. Hopefully all goes well and we can do it!

Well, I think that's about it for this week. Thank you for getting a letter to me! It always makes my day to hear from you. I'm going to get some pictures sent now. I love and miss you very much!


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