Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16, 2010

Hola Mama!

*trumpet sounds* Hear ye, hear ye, the transfers of Curanilahue have been announced as follows:

Elder Tatasciore is going to stay as SENIOR COMPANION with another elder from URUGUAY named Elder Alvez. They will be baptizing, so they will be having fun! Haha.

Elder Galindo is bumping up to be a DISTRICT LEADER and will be going to the sector of Renaico in the zone of Angol with an Elder Wilkins. God speed!

Elder Laurito will be....STAYING AGAIN in Curanilahue! Haha. He's going to be CO-COMPANION with an Elder Bowthorpe.

Elder Vincent will be bumping up to ZONE LEADER in the sector of San Martín in the zone of LOS ANGELES SOUTH. What does this mean? Absolutely nothing! Haha, just kidding, it actually means a lot of things. President is trusting me with a big assignment, and I've got a lot of work to be doing. I'll be with an Elder Hall for 10 days, and then he's finishing his mission, so I'll be with an Elder Heizer who is also just bumping up to zone leader. So I've got to get to know the sector in 10 days, and do everything President Swenson told me I'll be doing. I'm a little nervious...not really, haha. Nah, I'm really really looking forward to it and all the things we're going to do in LAS (Los Angeles Sur) this cambio. I'll also be right near Cabrero again, so I'll finally be able to go back to visit. Yay! I called Freddy and Carmen Gloria last night to tell them the news and they were really excited.

Yesterday Gerardo and David (two boys that got baptized about 3 weeks ago) got the Aaronic Priesthood, so I was very happy to be able to be there to see that. It was great to see all the converts that had gotten baptized in church while I was giving a talk on Sunday. There were 87 people in sacrament, 7 of which me and my companions baptized :) Baptizing and seeing converts stay active in the church are the greatest joys out here in the mission field. Also the personal progress, but that sounds a little young-womeny so I'll just leave that part out of the letter, haha.

Gerardo and me with milk mustaches

Well, I don't really have a whole lot more to report for this week. I'm excited for this next cambio and all the opportunities I'll have to work and serve. It's going to be a great six weeks!

Alrighty, I'm going to get some pictures attached. I love and miss you all very much! Behave yourselves!

E' Frankson and me

E' Tatasciore drunk on creme and milk

Hermana Clarrrrrrk (pirate) and me

Zone de Lebu, 08-2010

Zone de Lebu loco, 08-2010

Stepped in a puddle of mud...


Note: Trevor says he hasn't received letters from friends or other family in a long time, so if you feel so inclined, I know he'd love to hear from you. You can send an email to me and I'll just forward it, if you wish.

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