Monday, August 9, 2010

August 9, 2010

Querida mamá,

Jeje, lo siento por el chiste de los dientes! Pero puede estar tranquila porque solamente era chocolate ;-)

Well it sounds like you all had quite the trip in Washington! Glad to hear you enjoyed it. I also had a really jam-packed week and week-end this last week. Elder Tatasciore and I worked our missionary behinds off (I say that like that's something different, haha) the whole week because we were going to be gone for all of Saturday. We took a bus to Cañete at about 10 on Friday night, getting there at almost 11. Barely slept on what you could barely call a mattress. Then we took a 4-hour bus ride south to Temuco at 8 Saturday morning. Fernanda's parents picked us up at the bus station and took us back to their house for lunch. It was really really cool being back there again - I've really missed that place and that family. After lunch we headed down to the chapel where I was able to see a lot of my good friends from the ward again. Then Robin and Bilha showed up (the couple getting married and baptized), who were really happy to see me, and I to see them (not really sure if that's correct grammar...but if it's not, tell Webster to talk to me about it later). The wedding ceremony was really great - they did it inside the chapel - and then the baptism afterwards was really great. I had found them with Elder Tonumaipe'a six months ago, so it was see them finally taking those two steps. At the reception in the cultural hall afterwards they both made toasts in which they bore their testimonies (very strong for recent converts) and thanked me for making the trip down to be there with them. I didn't really realize how important it really was to them that I was there. The Spirit was really strong during the few hours that I was there - a very enjoyable experience. At about 6 we jumped on another bus back up to Cañete, arriving at about 10:40, spent another sleepless night on that so-called mattress, and then made it to the district conference then next day without problems. Needless to say I'm pretty tired of buses, so Elder Tatasciore and I will just be staying in Curanilahue today, haha. Oh yeah! Before I forget to tell you this: before the baptismal service Robin and Bilha were both pretty nervious, so I decided to make them laugh...and I fell into the baptismal font...hahaha. Luckily I had already changed into my baptismal clothes! I planned it all...of course (I was cleaning the fog off the mirror above the font and didn't realize I hadn't taken the last step down...and...well...SPLOOSH!).

Jam-packed bus to Cañete with the district choir

In the bus terminal with Fernanda

Merrel, Me, Bilha, Robin, Barajas

Bilha got baptized!

Robin got baptized!

Marriage ceremony

They finally got married!

I did meet Cami's friend, Elder Merrell. He told me he would like Cami to write him...haha. Nice guy...we'll see about how things go with my sister when he finishes in another 22 months! Mwahaha.

Wanna date my sister, eh?

Well, I'm pretty sure that I'll be heading out of Curanilahue this next week (cambios are on Tuesday of next week). My zone leader Elder Hatch tells me that I'm going to be a zone leader this cambio. Also a friend of mine here in the branch, Madelyn Neyra, who is best friends with Sister Swenson, tells me the same story. If the call comes I'll accept it. It's crazy how fast time goes by...feels like yesterday I was just getting here to Chile, haha. But that's the way the cookie crumbles *says Elder Vincent while holding a brush up to his mouth* Rug! Jug! Duck! (hopefully you've all seen Bruce Almighty).

I've started making a tape for you all again - not sure when I'll finish, but I'll get it sent out in the next package I send back. I'm guessing the only request from home is more bon-a-bons? Haha, unless you would all like another Índio Pícaro (the little wood-guy).

As far as my requests...peanut
church movies (is the new Joseph Smith movie out on DVD yet???)...not really sure what else. If I think of something I'll let you know next week.

Well, I think that's just about it for this week. The most exciting thing that happened this week was the Temuco trip, which I've already talked about. There have been some pretty strong after-shocks this week, but nothing serious. Just enough to wake me up in the middle of the night to say, ''Cut it out! I'm sleeping!'' Haha. Good times. Well, thank you for writing to me this week. I'll be waiting for those snail-mail letters from the rest of the family! *Points to each and every one with a scorning finger* I miss and love you very much!


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